Welcome to The Chiltern Toy Bank Website

The Chiltern Toybank has opened its doors again for Christmas 2020. It is ready to help those mums and dads who might need a little bit of help to make Christmas special for their children this year, particularly because of Covid-19. Welcome back to those families who have used us before, and ‘hello and come on in’ to families who are using our services for the first time. 

Details of how to apply are on our Registrations page. However, due to demand we can only accept applications from parents or guardians. We know that grandparents, aunties and uncles would like our help too but sadly this isn’t possible. 

On-line registration opens on 2 November and closes on the 22 November 

Our collection points this year are listed on the donations page and we are very grateful to those organisations who are able to help. We are also extremely grateful to our local communities that generously donate new and nearly new toys, games and books that we will be delivering to families in early December.

The collection points will be open from Monday 2 November to Friday 20 November during normal working hours.

As always, we want things that can be re-gifted. So please make sure that games and puzzles are complete, toys clean and unbroken, books not written in. Everything will be checked and cleaned by the Toybank elves but any help in keeping this to a minimum is always appreciated.

The Toybank elves select gifts for your children based on what you tell us about them. So, the more information you give us, the better choices the elves can make. Mums and dads will know what their children like or are really hoping for at Christmas, do tell us.  Unfortunately, we don’t have phones, laptops or tablets amongst the gifts that are available.

Sometimes, saying your child would be happy with anything is as difficult for the elves to select for, as saying an 8 year old ‘only wants make-up’. If your child is easy going about presents, knowing something specific like – they are sporty, or like arts and crafts or books or imagination toys is really helpful.

Occasionally, we do have bikes and scooters donated, as well as ride-on/push along toys for toddlers. Do let us know if your child would like one.

Last, but not least, please check all the details on your form before you press send. Ages of children and your correct contact details are important details.

The Toybank Elves plan to start delivering the gifts in the week beginning 30 November.    We will phone you during the week before to make arrangements. Like you, the Elves may need to be flexible because of Covid-19.  

Covid-19 and the Chiltern Toybank

The Chiltern Toybank has put together a detailed risk assessment to protect both our volunteers (the Toybank elves) and you. The key points are:

All donations will be kept in a separate area for at least 72 hours after being picked up from the collection points before being sorted.  

All donations will be thoroughly checked by the Toybank elves. Nearly new and pre-loved gifts will be cleaned, and a lot of the soft toys and dressing up clothes will be washed.

The contents of the bags of gifts will have been packed and held at our premises untouched for a minimum of 72 hours before delivery.


Please get donations to one of our Donation Points by Wednesday 4th November 2020. With the latest announcement about the second lockdown we don't yet know how our activities will be impacted.