Terms & Conditions

Donated Goods

Chiltern Toy Bank reserve the right to reassign donations to other charities if they do not fit the parameters within which we work.  Chiltern Toy Bank also reserve the right to re-sell donations which are unsuited to our processes, in order that we may use the funds generated in other parts of the business – eg., purchase of alternative gifts, acquisition of premises, insurances and consumables.

Gift Packages

All the gifts and toys have been donated or purchased with monetary donations. It is the responsibility of parents and carers to satisfy themselves that the gifts and toys are both appropriate and suitable for the child. Chiltern Toy Bank cannot take any responsibility for the condition or completeness of the toys and gifts but our volunteers have checked as far as possible that they are age appropriate and adhere to current safety standards.

Great News!

We at Chiltern Toy Bank are pleased to say that we are liaising with other local charities to help families who are struggling during the current Coronavirus lockdown.