Chiltern Toy Bank

Find out who can apply and how to register

Who can apply?

Any parent or primary carer who lives within what was known as the Chiltern District Council area and is in need of some additional help this festive season with provision of toys and gifts for their children. Unfortunately, due to high demand, we cannot accept applications from grandparents, aunties, uncles and other friends and family members.

How to Register

To Register please complete the form below between Monday 1st November and Sunday 21st November 2021.

What to Expect

Once you register you’ll receive a confirmation email from one of our Elves with more information about you application and our delivery dates. The Toy Bank Elves select gifts for your children based on what you tell us about them. So the more information you can give us, the better choices the Elves can make. We know as their parents and guardians you will know what will make your children smile the most! Do keep in mind that the gifts we provide don’t include laptops, mobiles or games consoles.

Sometimes, saying your child would be happy with anything is as difficult for the Elves to select for, as saying an 8 year old ‘only wants make-up’. If your child is easy going about presents, knowing something like – they are sporty, or like arts and crafts or books or imagination toys is really helpful.

Occasionally, we do have bikes and scooters donated, as well as ride-on/push along toys for toddlers. Do let us know if your child would like one or if these would be inappropriate for us to give you.

Last, but not least, please check all the details on your form before you press send. Ages of children and your correct contact details are very important.

The Toy Bank Elves plan to start delivering gifts from 29 November 2021.

We’ll phone you beforehand to confirm a date and time to drop the presents off. Like you, the Elves may need to be flexible because of Covid-19. We’ll drop the gifts off to you cleaned and boxed (where appropriate) and will try and provide wrapping paper and sellotape so you can wrap up the presents for the big day.

This form will take you a little bit of time to complete.

Please have in mind the likes and dislikes, as well as basic information about each of the children in your care to enable us to support you in the best way we can.

Start Registration on 1st November 2021

Using your personal information
Chiltern Toy Bank will use the information you have provided on this page to manage your registration for the Chiltern Toy Bank and to keep you up to date with Chiltern Toy Bank news and activities. Chiltern Toy Bank will retain your details for one year.

You may contact Chiltern Toy Bank at any time to ask us to remove your details from our records. Get in touch with us by email to or in writing to Chiltern Toy Bank, c/o Chesham Town Hall, Chesham. HP5 1DS


Please get donations to one of our Donation Points by Wednesday 4th November 2020. With the latest announcement about the second lockdown we don't yet know how our activities will be impacted.